Hotels in Lake Matka

Lake Matka Details

Lake Matka sits about a half an hour outside of the city of Skopje. Sitting in the middle of a valley and surrounded by lush green mountain, the terrain around the lake can be pretty bumpy, covered in rocks and over sized tree roots, it's not very wheelchair accessible. The terrain isn't exactly treacherous, but you'll certainly want to watch your step and wear some comfortable shoes. At one end of the lake you'll find a beautiful old church built back in the fourteenth Century. This church once served as part of a monastery and is decorated with frescoes in the Byzantine style. Here you're likely to see some of the house cats that live around the church.The path around the lake stretches on for about fourteen kilometers. It's a manageable hike, but sort of an all day trip, so don't bother unless you've come prepared with a lunch and some drinking water.

Address: Canyon Matka, Skopje 1000, Republic of Macedonia