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Lepenac River Details

The Lepenac River is tributary of the Vardar River in northern Macedonia. The Lepenac River originates from the Kodza Balkan Mountain and has an impressive course taking it through southern Serbia and past Macedonias capital city of Skopje. It has several small streams that deviate from the river in several areas and belongs to the Aegean Sea drainage basin. The small streams of the Lepenac River offers great places for fishing is often used by locals and foreign tourists that happen to discover it as these areas are not often advertised.Along the Lepenac Rivers course is the ancient town of Skupi with its ruins and reminders of a civilization long gone. The Lepenac River has contributed the people of Kosovo and Macedonia throughout the years ever since this area as first inhabited. The Lepenac River is a beautiful scenic river with many opportunities for fun from hiking to fishing.