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The Skopje City Stadium is the national stadium for Macedonia and is home to the Rabotnicki and the Vardar soccer teams. The stadium opened in 1947 and was rebuilt after the earthquake in 1963. The stadium is a beloved icon in the city of Skopje especially for fans of whomever the winning team happens to be. This stadium has a grass surface and can easily accommodate up to 40,000 spectators. There are several modern conveniences in the stadium and state of the art security.The Skopje City Stadium is a multi-use facility but its primary reason is for soccer matches. However, entertainers often perform concerts at the Skopje City Stadium as it is a large and attractive venue. Located near downtown Skopje the area around the stadium can get a little hectic on days with matches so it is wise to arrive early. For soccer fans, the Skopje City Stadium is a real treat.

Address: Varosh, Prilep, Macedonia (FYROM)