Hotels in Mustafa Pasha’s Mosque

Mustafa Pasha’s Mosque Details

Macedonia has the privilege of being a part of the west and eastern cultures of that area of the world. This can clearly be seen by the number of mosques inside the country. One of the most beautiful of these mosques is the one commissioned by Mustafa Pasha.The Old Bazaar is a section of the city filled with life and aromas. Vendors of various goods and wares can be seen in their stalls trying to entice tourists and locals to hand over money in exchange for wonderfully crafted items. Cobblers, quilt makers, and other traditional crafts men and women are found here as well. Cafes are full of chatter and the scent of coffee and if java is not to your liking, tea rooms are not too far off. The Old Bazaar is a great place to locate that much needed souvenir.

Address: Fort Kale, Shkup, Macedonia (FYROM)

Phone: +389 2 329 7204