Hotels in Pcinja River

Pcinja River Details

The Pcinja River is shared between Seria and Macedonia. Of the 128 kilometers of the river, only about 80 kilometers call Macedonia home. The Pcinja River passes by many small villages that still keep Macedonian traditions alive as well as the larger cities of Skopje and Veles. The Pcinja River is beautiful and serene with many areas suitable for fishing, water sports, or swimming. Eventually, the Pcinja River follos the Gradistanska Mountain and meets the Vardar River.The Katlanovska Banja is located near the shores of the Pcinja River and is a popular spa and hot spring. The Pcinja River is an excellent example of Macedonian nature with its clear waters and unspoiled banks. Hikers love traveling along the Pcinja River and camping near the rivers banks can provide some great memories. Pcinja River is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Macedonia and offers many chances for fun and relaxation.