Hotels in Remains of the Town of Skupi

Remains of the Town of Skupi Details

Macedonia is a country of great historical and cultural value as it is one of the most ancient areas of the world. There are many archaeological sites of importance that can be found all throughout Macedonia. One of these is the settlement of Skupi.Predating Macedonias capital, Skopje by several thousand years, Skupi is incredibly important for its historical value. Visitors to Skupi will love hearing about the history of this once proud city which existed far before the Roman conquest of the part of the world. While very few walls are still standing, portions of buildings and their foundations can easily be seen giving a distinct impression of what once stood. Mosaics and other remains of the people of Skupi are visible as well. Guides and locals can be helpful with information about Skupi. Skupi can be found at the foot of Zajcev Rid Hill just a short distance from the modern day capital city.

Address: Str. Skupi, Skopje 1000, Republic of Macedonia