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    You can wander by the medieval town wall of the old town in Ohrid. If you can select from the hotels in Ohrid found in, you may find yourself in the old town. This puts you within walking distance of much of the city’s best attractions. From your hotel in Ohrid, stroll over to the Church of Saint Clement. This 13th century building has vivid frescoes of various Biblical scenes. The church of Nicholas Bilnicki is also from the 13th century. It is in the vicinity of the Lower Gate. It has a single nave and a very unique bell tower. There are frescoes of the Royal Family of Dusan within the church as well as scenes of the Ascent of Mary.Present day Ohrid dates back to the 7th century, though the site was settled as early as 353 BCE. It was a cultural center in the Byzantine period, and in the 11th century became capital of the Samuil Empire. The Samuil fortress still dominates the city. Ohrid has an international airport. It is also served by buses from Skopje and Bitola.