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      Located just north of Valletta in Malta, St. Julians is known for its nightlife. St. Julians sports everything from large dance halls to neighborhood drinking establishments, all scenically located near the harbor. Originally used as a burial grown by the Saracens and Romans, St. Julians eventually developed into a seaside village known for it scenic residences and leisure activities. Travelers who wish to understand some of the diverse history of St. Julians should visit the Palace of Grand Master Spinola, a summer hunting residence filled with gardens and a richly decorated interior. Spinola Bay is a welcome respite from the busy nightlife, offering a beautiful view, restaurants, and the sight of fishing boats decorated in local color. Ballutta Square is a must visit for shopping enthusiasts, displaying fountains, local cafes, and bars. Hotels in St. Julians allow travelers to be close to the major nightlife of Malta, and close to the capital city. When staying in St. Julians, cheap hotels are plentiful, allowing even the unseasoned traveler to enjoy the sites for extended vacations or just the weekend. St. Julians hotels offer a wide array of amenities to accommodate all travelers, including discount hotels. St. Julians is readily accessible by the many hotels in St. Julians, which are all easy to find at