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    Martinique is situated in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It is officially classified as a French overseas department and is therefore incorporated into the EU. The Euro is the main unit of currency here. Fort-de-France is the Capital of Martinique. Other important towns and cities include Sainte Pierre, Le Lamentin, Sainte-Marie and Le Robert. The north of the island tends to be more mountainous than the south. The north also has very lush forested areas. Tourists tend to be attracted more to the south of the island, as this is where the beautiful white sandy beaches can be found.

    Martiniques southern beaches tend to draw the majority of visitors to the island. The area is completely adapted and ensures that the best possible stay will be had by all. The Capital, Fort-de-France, is always very popular. Whilst in the city, you should head to La Savanne Park, where you will find a statue of Josephine, who was Napoleons Empress and a native of Martinique. Sainte Pierre is very popular for visitors as it is where the islands volcano, Mount Pelee, had a devastating eruption in 1902.