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    The state of Aguascalientes lies pretty much right in the centre of Mexico. Aguascalientes is also the name for the state's capital city. The state lies around 480km northwest of Mexico City. The state name derives from Spanish and the literal translation means 'hot water'. This name has originated for the area because there are a number of hot springs to be found locally. The Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range runs right through the state. Discount Aguascalientes hotels can be found througout the area.Because Aguascalientes State is located in the Sierra Madre mountains, it is able to offer some truly beautiful scenery. One place that you can visit to realise this is the Sierra Fria Natural Protected Reserve. You will find that there are several haciendas, hot springs and baths distributed throughout the state. Aguascalientes city has a number of attractions. These include the Museo Jose Guadaloupe Posada, the Museo de Arte Contemporaneous (Museum of Contemporary Art) and the Museo de la Ciudad (City Museum). To try and gage a good impression of the citys architecture, the Aguascalientes Cathedral and the Government Palace are always a very good start. will be able to help you with your budget hotel in Aguascalientes.