Hotels in Aguascalientes

    Aguascalientes Details

    Aguascalientes is a quiet place to visit when you want to see the real Mexico and explore the cultural of its people. Aguascalientes makes for a comfortable and relaxing vacation spot. You can find budget Aguascalientes hotels and get a great deal from to make for the perfect vacation getaway.Aguascalientes vacations include a nice selection of activities. You will get to explore this small town and see all the history that tells of its rich past. You can visit places like El Palacio de Gobierno and La Catedral which are great historic places with stories to tell. You can also relax at the Bath and Sport Center Ojocaliente where the natural hot springs are put to use, offering you an amazing hot spring bath. Also do not miss the top tourist attraction in town, Feria de San Marcos, the street fair where you can find some wonderful goods to buy.