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      The Mexican city of Torreon is in the state of Coahuila, and is a vital trade and industry center. There are quite a few attractions and venues in Torreon, and they are suitable for any age group. Historical attractions include the Chinese Bank, the Municipal Archives, the Arocena Building, and the especially fascinating La Laguna Casino. The Bilbao Dunes are perfect for those who enjoy nature and outdoor pursuits. Sandboarding and ATV riding are two of the activities of the desert. Not far from the dunes are several date plantations where visitors can sample the dates and purchase them for later consumption. A very popular spot in Torreon is the Fundadores Park, which features tennis courts, a running track, and an outdoor theater. Cheap hotels in Torreon are available near some of these attractions, making access to them quite easy for the traveler.The Cristo de la Noas, or Christ of the Noas, is a tourist attraction that every visitor to the city should see. It sits atop a hill known as Noas Hill, and is a huge sculpture of Christ with his arms outstretched over the city. It is almost the tallest statue in all of Latin America at 22 meters high. You also will not want to miss the Plaza de Armas, the Perla Canal, the Venustiano Carranza Wilderness greenhouse, or the many city museums in Torreon. Budget hotels in Torreon should be reserved soon after you have firmed up the dates of your travel.