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    Cancun often takes the prize for being the greatest spot to visit in Mexico, but there is another city that is just as great without all the partying. Acapulco is Mexico’s beautiful getaway that offers a rich travel experience. offers you a way to find Acapulco hotels that will allow you to stay in the heart of this wonderful city and see everything that Acapulco tourism has to offer.You can see a range of wonderful sites in Acapulco. Hotels lie right on the wonderful Bara Vieja Beach and are close to other great attractions like Magic Marine World. You can also find discount Acapulco hotels close to historic sites like Fort San Diego. Pie de la Cuesta is another beach where you will find good budget Acapulco hotels that keep you close to the sandy beaches and sounds of the waves hitting the amazing shoreline. A visit to Acapulco brings you right to some of the most breathtaking scenery in Mexico. You will discover great Acapulco hotel options that make it a perfect opportunity no matter what your budget may be.