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      The state of Mexico in the country of Mexico has a state capital by the name of Toluca, which is said to be the fifth largest urban area in the entire state. It is the fifth largest location in terms of population in the country of Mexico, and the largest populated location in the state of Mexico. Toluca is an industrial city, producing a number of items large and small. The center of town, called the Plaza de los Martires, or Plaza of the Martyrs, is a good place to do some historical sightseeing. Surrounding this plaza are government buildings. Discount hotels in Toluca are popular, yet easily booked in advance.Some of the attractions most visitors to Toluca are interested in seeing are the Temple of La Merced, Los Portales, the Plaza de Fray Andres de Castro, which is connected to the Los Portales, and the Cathedral of Toluca. You may also want to visit the Tercer Orden Temple, the Cosmovitral, and the Santa Veracruz Temple. Toluca has many museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Natural Sciences, a Print, a Watercolor, and a Numismatics Museum. Budget hotels in Toluca offering modern accommodations at very reasonable prices, and can help you to locate them.