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Morelos State is in the south central part of the country of Mexico. It is landlocked and is only around 52 miles south of Mexico City, the Mexican capital. The state is very mountainous as the Sierra Madre Mountains run through the region. The state capital is Cuernavaca and this has been referred to as the city of eternal spring due to its temperate climate, which is as a consequence of its higher altitude above sea level. Other important cities in Morelos include Cuautla, Jiutepec, Temexico and Xochicalco. The area is becoming increasingly well adapted for tourists and provides a good range of hotel accommodation throughout the province of Morelos in Mexico.The ancient pre-Columbian ruins at Xochicalco are a very popular attraction for visitors to Morelos. The area is also well known for its springs and the mountain air here is referred to as extremely clean and clear and there are few places that can compare. Cuernavaca draws people from Mexico and abroad. The city offers all of the pastimes that you can possible think of. In and around the city there are a lot of attractions. The Palace of Cortes and Cuanhnahuac Regional Museum, Robert Brady House and Museum, Guadalupe Church and El Calvario Shrine should provide you with some idea of Morelos history. Other attractions include the Borda Garden and San Antonio Waterfall. With so much to do here, can take care of your hotel in Morelos so that you can enjoy a relaxing stay.