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Known as the ‘city of mountains”, Monterrey is one of the capital cities of Mexico, and is generally considered to be the greatest city in the north of the country. Here, visitors can thrill to both the conveniences of a bustling modern city as well as taking in the culture and history of the region that make it so popular. Attractions include the Santa Lucia Riverwalk, an artificial river spanning the city, and the Cerro de la Silla, or the saddle mountain, which has become the de facto icon of the city as a whole. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not explode the Grutas de Garcia, an expansive series of caves just outside the city, or take a hike out to the Cola de Caballo waterfallFor Mexican travelers looking for discount hotels, Monterrey can present an intimidating challenge. However, is well versed at dealing with the problems of finding a great deal in a big city. Leave it up to us and you won’t be disappointed.