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    One of UNESCO’s famed world heritage sites, the city of Oaxaca is one of the largest cities in all of Mexico, and one offering the greatest number of sites and attractions for the curious tourist. The city lies right at the heart of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains, and boasts the amenities of a major metropolitan center as well as the historical sites of an ancient city. Here, you can see the Catedral de Oaxaca, one of the largest churches in all of Mexico, dating back to 1702. You can also take a tour of the convent known as Santo Domingo de Guzman, which features a Renaissance style church that also once served as a military barracks. Be sure to check out the Centro Cultural de Santo Domingo while you’re here for a taste of Mexican artwork both present and ancient past.Those visiting Mexico are often faced with the challenge of finding cheap hotels. Oaxaca, being a large city, can make this even more difficult. You have nothing to fear, however, when you leave the booking up to the seasoned pros at