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    Mexico consists largely of landscapes dominated mostly by mountains, mesas and valleys, and any cave-diver will tell you that this means an area chock full of fascinating caves to explore. These caves and caverns take several millions of years to develop into what we see today. To put that into perspective, the caves we explore today already looked pretty much as they are now several million years before the dawn of mankind. Knowing how long it takes these caves to form and just how plentiful they are throughout Mexico, it should be all the more impressive that the Cavernas Chaaktun are considered by many, seasoned cave-divers and amateurs alike, to be the very most beautiful caverns in all of Yucatan.The floors and ceilings are covered in stalactites and stalagmites (the point things poking up and down in a cave, formed by several million years of condensation dripping and leaving trace amounts of mineral deposits, a molecule at a time), which are gorgeous, though can be fragile or dangerous, so extreme caution should be exercised at all times in this, or any, cave. Remember to never, ever enter a cave without the following: Proper equipment, extra flashlights and a partner.

    Address: Av Benito Juárez LB, Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico