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    San Luis Potosi is a landlocked State that is located in north-central Mexico. As the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountain Range runs through the area, this seems to influence the type of climate. The higher the altitude, the more temperate the climate, for example. The State Capital is the City of San Luis Potosi. Other important cities include Ciudad Valles, Matehuala and Rioverde. You will find that there are budget hotels in San Luis Potosi available.San Luis Potosi is able to offer visitors a number of spectacular National Parks, where they are able to appreciate the States natural beauty. Three search areas include the El Gogorron National Park, El Potosi National Park and the Laguna de la Media Luna. To appreciate the archaeology of the State, you should aim to visit the sites of El Consuelo and Tamtoc. The State Capital is very beautiful and you will notice that San Luis Potosis architecture has a definite European influence. Whilst in the City, you must visit the Maze Museum of Science and Art. Whatever you choose to do in this beautiful part of Mexico, is able to book your cheap San Luis Potosí hotel for you.