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        Mazatlan is located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, and is a valued Pacific coast port. If you are planning a trip to Mazatlan, you are headed for a beautiful location. The city is encircled by the Sierra Madre mountain range, and has the nickname ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ because of its close proximity to lush beaches and a wide assortment of marine life. Several international fishing tournaments are held in Mazatlan each year. The Historic Center of the city, also known as Old Mazatlan, is the place to go in order to admire the historic old 19th century Colonial architecture, such as the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. If scenic views are your thing, take a hike up Lookout Hill, also known as Cerro de Vigia, for a panoramic view of Mazatlan you will long remember. The section of beach known as the Zona Dorada is also called the Mexican Gold Coast. Your choice of beach areas includes Playa Norte, Playa Gaviotas, and Playa Venados.There are two fantastic golf courses with splendid views of the Pacific, Creston’s Peak with the second tallest lighthouse in the world, and several cultural and arts festivals throughout the year. Many splendid restaurants are located along the six-mile stretch of beach, with others a bit more inland. All serve delectable Mexican and international cuisine that is sure to please. Lovely, modern hotels in Mazatlan are also located along the Zona Dorada, which offers easy access to the beach and other attractions. Mazatlan hotels are diverse, with many styles to suit every taste. If you will be seeking a cheap Mazatlan hotel, is the best place to search for one. These Mazatlan hotels are geared to meet your specific needs, and both you and your travel budget will be happy with the hotel you choose.