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Located on the Gulf of Mexico, to the south of the American state of Texas, Tamaulipas is one of the 31 states of Mexico. Its capital is Ciudad Victoria. For outdoors enthusiasts investigating discount hotels in Tamaulipas, Ciudad Victoria is surrounded by hills that are a paradise for hunters and fishermen. Two hundred kilometers south of the capital is the port of Tampico. This was where the Spanish loaded gold and silver onto ships for transport to Spain, and it was often attacked by pirates. The Casa de la Cultura has archaeological exhibits and an art gallery.For cheap hotels in Tamaulipas that are close to the American border, Matamoros is a good choice. It is right across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas. Known as La Puerta Mexico, Matamoros is rich with history. In the Museo Casa Mata visitors can learn about the American invasion during the Mexican War, and the role Matamoros played in the Mexican Revolution. Playa Bagdad is a lovely beach about 35 kilometers east of town. During the American Civil War it was a supply port for the Confederacy. There is free camping here, and some great seafood restaurants.