Hotels in Veracruz

Veracruz Details

Veracruz is a major port city in Mexico. It lies on the Gulf of Mexico and is the third largest city in the country. There is a lot to do in Veracruz, so you need to find great budget Veracruz hotels so you can save on lodging and have money to spend on all the great attractions and other things to do in Veracruz.

The plaza, Plaza de Armas, in the center of the city is always full of life and hosting local festivals and other fun events. You will want to stop by on your visit and see what is happening in the plaza. You should also make sure to visit the great beaches in Veracruz like Anton Lizardo and Isla Sacrificios. Be sure to take in some history at places like the Cathedral and see natural beauty in El Tajin an archaeology park. Also do not miss Mexicos largest volcano, Pico de Orizaba.