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    Merida is a city of about 735,000 inhabitants that dominates Mexico's exotic Yucatan peninsula. Like much of the Yucatan peninsula, the city strongly shows the influence of the Mayan people. The Spanish language, as spoken in Merida, has an obvious Mayan influence in its sound, and Modern Mayan is considered an official second language here. The culture of Merida is unique and different from the rest of Mexico, due to that city's isolation. Tropical jungles stand between Merida and other parts of the country.Known as the "White City," Merida offers visitors a unique blend of Mayan and 17th-19th century Spanish culture. Among the many points of local interest, the most significant are the town's cathedral (the first Christian cathedral built in North America), the Yucatan Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Merida City Museum. The best way to book hotels in Merida is via the Internet. Sites like offer listings of Merida hotels at a wide range of prices, including ordinarily hard-to-find cheap and discount hotels in Merida.