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      Morocco has had a number of cultures leave their influence on the island, and this is certainly true in the town of El Jadida in the Doukkala-Abda region. This valuable port city on the Atlantic coast has long been valued by different groups for its position and accessibility. The city was held by the Portuguese from 1502 until 1769, when the city was known as Mazagan. When the Portuguese left, the Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah took over. Luckily, he left intact a number of structures that are of interest to today’s tourist, and can help you find a discount hotel near these attractions.The Portuguese Fortified City of Mazagan is what is left of the Portuguese occupation. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the massive walls made of stone are an impressive site. Also of interest is the Manuele cistern. Oddly enough, the construction of the cistern is beautiful, with soaring, columned arches . If you want to see more incredible history, take the R301 road to Essaouira for the ruins of the city of Mogador.