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      Grand Casablanca (or Greater Casablanca) is a metropolitan region of Morocco. It is located on the Atlantic Coast and is in the northwest of the Country. The City of Casablanca is within this region and this is the largest city in Morocco. Casablanca is also one of the most important cities to the entire North African Region. It has everything to offer visitors, ranging from great shopping opportunities to relaxing beach areas. is just a click away from arranging your cheap hotel in the Casablanca area.There are a number of tourist attractions in Grand Casablanca that will offer visitors the chance to see examples of its architecture. These include the Hassan II Mosque, the Mahkama du Pacha, the Notre Dames de Lourdes and the Place Mohamed V. You should try to visit the amazing Central Market and check out the Habbous Souk District. Head towards the Corniche for a more relaxing attraction that is away from it all. Budget hotels Grand Casablance are available at the best rates at