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    Essaouira was once a popular tourist destination in the 70s with Jimi Hendrix being one of the most famous visitors. These days Essaouira is popular for the amazing surfing, drawing surfers from all over the world to enjoy some of the best surfing found in the world. Essaouira is also a great place to relax because it has such a laid back atmosphere. It is for everyone as you will find on, where you get amazing budget Essaouira hotels. Discount Essaouira hotels allow you to enjoy your stay without blowing all your money on lodging. Most of the attractions in Essaouira are examples of the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the city. The wall gate surrounding the city is part of the remains left over from the past. There is also the Essaouira Museum and the Skala du Port, which is an old fortress. You should also venture to see Ile de Mogador, an archaeological island site that is just off the coast.