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    Marrakech is located on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in southwestern Morocco. It is known as the Red City or Al Hamra. This Moroccan city, despite its high volume of tourism has kept its traditional ambience. In fact, the streets are so narrow there has never been an introduction of vehicles. Marrakech is thought to be one of the most entertaining cities, making it a great place for the weekend. Marrakechs atmosphere is ideal for someone looking for a traditional Moroccan atmosphere. The hotels in Marrakech are available for the traveler on any budget. Marrakech hotels offer services and amenities to meet the needs of any traveler. The discount hotels Marrakech has available are an excellent way to stretch a budget when traveling. Marrakech cheap hotels can be found effortlessly using Mosque of Koutoubia was first built in 1147 but then demolished because it was aligned improperly. However, it was rebuilt and finished in 1199. It is known as the mosque of the booksellers. El Badi Palace was built in 1578 by Ahmad I al-Mansur. It was thought to have been originally decorated with significant amounts of gold from the Sudan. However, it was demolished by Sultan Mawlay Ismail to build his own palace. Saadian Tombs date back to between 1578 and 1603 during the time of the great Sultan Ahmad I al-Mansur. They were not discovered until 1917, making them a rather recent discovery. The mausoleum has approximately 60 members of the Saadi Dynasty.