Hotels in City Ramparts

    City Ramparts Details

    Stretching on for more than ten kilometers, the first thing you'll see in Marakesh are the City Ramparts, a thick wall rising between eight and ten meters tall along the entire length. The walls are kept in very good condition. Walking along the wall, you'll find tn different gates allowing entrance to the city. These gates are said to be the inspiration and architectural basis for the gates of nearly every other Moroccan city. If you'd like to take a full tour of the City Ramparts without letting your feet kill you, a popular way to do this is to grab a horse carriage, which you'll find in abundance around the city gates, and take a ride from gate to gate. This tour will dazzle you with the many photographic opportunities, as it will allow you to get a complete view of the outer edge of the city.Besides touring around the city, you can also enjoy yourself just sitting at one of the gates and observing the many travelers passing into and out of town, including vendors and other businessmen.

    Address: Marrakesh medina, Marrakech, Morocco