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    Food Market Details

    One of the many cool places you'll want to check out in the shaded alleyways of Marakesh called the suuqs, is the small food market where you can buy various dates and nuts and the like. Some of which, any world citizen is likely to be familiar with, with others being common in Morocco, but something of a rare delicacy in most of the world. This small market is known to let visitors sample the items on display before buying, which should come as great news to anyone who visits and finds dozens of unfamiliar nuts lying before them. The nuts are literally piled up in huge heaps reaching well to the ceiling, or packed into bags the size of large dogs.Visitors who are tired of the constant haggling Moroccan markets are famous for will be happy to know that the prices at this market are pretty much set in stone, and are pretty well reasonable. The vendors here are known to treat customers with respect, making sure buyers know what they're getting before they hand their money over.

    Address: Avenue Haumann el Fetouaki, Marrakech, Morocco