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    Menara Gardens Details

    Marakesh and the surround area are full of exciting places, bustling with life and energy. As much fun as this is, it can be overwhelming, as well. Luckily, for every exciting hotspot in and around Marakesh, there is a relaxing getaway. Just a little ways outside of town, you'll find one of these getaways in the form of the Menara Gardens. First time visitors to Morocco might find the Menara Gardens looking oddly familiar, this has nothing to do with past lives, though, it is because the Menara Gardens are high in the running for most photographed place in all of Morocco. Experienced Menara Gardens visitors recommend showing up later in the day, as the Gardens are at perhaps their very most beautiful around sunset, just before the park closes.

    Designed as a summer escape, the lush Menara Gardens are filled with orchards and olive groves, as well as high palm trees providing shade from the relentless Moroccan sun. Interestingly, the pavilion and the basin existed in earlier times, with the present structure having been built in the 1800's (by commission of Sultan Adur-Rahman).

    Address: Aïn Mezouar, Marrakech, Morocco