Hotels in Mosque of Koutoubia

    Mosque of Koutoubia Details

    Considered the most important landmark of Marakesh, the Mosque of Koutoubia dominates the skyline with its 77 meter tall minaret and the mosque itself being fairly large, as well. An interesting note on this site, is that it was actually first built in 1147, but had to be demolished, as it was not correctly aligned with Mecca. Soon after, the construction of the new building began, and was finished more than fifty years later in 1199, since becoming the defining piece of the Marakesh landscape.The style of the building's architecture is Almohad, with a considerable amount of influence from the Andalucian style in details added since. Today, the building has a serious look to it, thanks to being strictly red stone on the outside, though many believe that the original building was covered in plaster. Reportedly, there have been plans to renovate the mosque in the style of the original building.

    Address: Avenue Mohammed V, Marrakech, Morocco