Hotels in Palm Gardens

    Palm Gardens Details

    Marakesh is an exciting, bustling city, exploding with life and energy, but this can also be a little overwhelming at times, and you may find yourself just wanting to get some peace and quiet in a nice relaxing atmosphere. Luckily, Marakesh and its surrounding area are both filled with lush, green gardens where visitors can escape the heat in the shade of tall palm trees and just take a breath of fresh air far away from the noisy markets and traffic of Marakesh. The Palm Gardens are just one of the many sites where this can be achieved. Just south of Marakesh, the Palm Gardens are beloved for the breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains, making it perfect for the traveler who fancies themselves an amateur photographer.

    Surrounded by thick walls and filled with tall, lush palm trees (hence the name), the shelter provided by this garden does an excellent job of keeping out such disruptive elements as the harsh sun and dusty winds of the area.