Hotels in Setti Fatma Falls

    Setti Fatma Falls Details

    At the very end of the road which winds through the Ourika Valley, about thirty seven kilometers in, you'll find the incredible sight of Setti Fatma. This trip combined with the thirty kilometer trip from Marakesh to the valley itself provides a total travel distance of about 67 kilometers to the site, but the site is well worth the trip. Interestingly, the remote spot has actually seen some minor development lately, as locals have begun to recognize the potential the area has as a possible tourist spot.If you want to check out Setti Fatma, with its seven beautiful waterfalls and flowing river, it may be a good idea to take a trip now, before it becomes another exploited tourist trap. For now, though, the cafes, souvenir shops and restaurants lining the river are merely charming. There are guides here who can show you around the paths and trails surrounding the area, but even without their help, it shouldn't be too difficult to find your way around all on your own.