Hotels in Town Square Jemaa I-Fna

    Town Square Jemaa I-Fna Details

    The Town Square of Marrakesh at Jemaa I-Fna is known not just throughout the city of Marrakesh, but throughout all of Morocco. The Square is a beautiful sight to behold, certainly, with a wealth of beautiful buildings, showcasing various architectural styles and influences, encircling the site, but the Town Square really owes its popularity to the fact that, like New York City, the square never sleeps. Throughout the day, every kind of performer imaginable can be found in the square putting on dazzling shows well into the evening, when food stands begin to move into the area. The square is also surrounded by charming cafes, where you can simply sit and observe the daily activities taking place in the square.

    The Town Square also offers easy access to the famous suuqs of Marrakesh; narrow alleyways covered by palm leaves which allow visitors a nice escape from the sometimes merciless sun.