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The region of Meknès-Tafilalet actually takes up a good portion of Morocco, being one of only sixteen regions in the country. To explore the entire area in one trip is difiicult, there's just so much to see. You may want to simply settle on checking out the region’s capital city of Meknes. Meknes alone provides a satisfactory Moroccan experience. An interesting piece of history in Meknes is the city gate, named for its architect El-Mansour. The story has it that, upon completing the gate, El-Mansour was asked by the Sultan if he could do better. Mansour felt obligated to answer “yes”, and the Sultan became so enraged, he immediately ordered Mansour executed.If you want to find a cheap hotel in Meknès-Tafilalet, that won’t be hard. The area is loaded with rural villages and so on where it’s not hard to get a hotel for cheap. However, if you want a cheap hotel in a convenient location, you’d be better off booking very well in advance with us here at