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Morocco has sixteen different regions, and Oriental, located in northeast Morocco, is one of the most densely inhabited of them all with almost two million people. The capital city of Oriental is Oujda. This city is memorable because of its French architecture, its curious music, which is sometimes heard during one of the many musical shows the city is known for, and its active and unique nightlife. Oujda is a beautiful city, and very popular with visitors to Oriental. Cheap hotels in Oriental are located in a central area of the city, within walking distance of some of the tourist attractions.During your visit to Oriental, you will want to make sure to check out its medina. These car free areas date back to medieval times. Shoppers will enjoy the many shops on the narrow streets of Oriental. Sidewalk cafes are scattered here and there, and the ambience is quite pleasant, as the Oriental people are very friendly. Budget hotels in Oriental are able to save the traveler quite a bit of money. has a large listing of these hotels for your perusal.