Hotels in Nador

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Nador Details

Using, you can get reservations for any number of discount hotels in Nador, Morocco. It is located in a province known as the Oriental province. You can find cheap hotels near the Spanish city of Melilla to the north also. Also, Nador has recently become more amenable to foreign tourism, sporting a lengthened boulevard and more attractive accommodations in hotels as encouraged by the local government, so theres never been a better time to visit.If you are interested in heading to Nador, you should also be sure to check out Melilla and the seaports. Nador is well-known as a major center of trade in Morocco, and it is a great destination for people interested in the history of sea commerce. As a side note, transportation in Nador relies heavily on buses. If at any point you want to stop by the Spanish city of Melilla to the north, or any of the other tourist attractions, you can probably get to those or any number of major Moroccan cities from Nador by bus. Hosts at the many budget hotels in Nador are happy to help you arrange bus trips to your desired destinations.