Hotels in Atlas Mountains

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    The Atlas Mountains are home to many villages and towns. Visitors from their Atlas Mountains hotels can tour Imilchil, the center of the Middle Atlas Mountains. This Berber village holds an enormous trade fair as well as the infamous Fiancés Festival or Marriage Fair. From hotels in the Atlas Mountains you can also visit the Ourika Valley as it flings itself down from the High Atlas Mountains. It is a good idea to check with to locate accommodation to allow you the means to best explore the countryside. It may mean staying in Atlas Mountains cheap hotels or discount hotels. The Atlas Mountains, then, however, become more accessible.If you can, stay more than a weekend. The Atlas Mountains include the Cascades D’Ouzoud, spectacular waterfalls, the Mosque of Koutoubin with its 70m minaret, Demnate’s Sunday market of olives and pottery and the Roman ruins of Volubilis. In Marrakesh, wander the main square in the heart of the old city or tour the old walls. There you will find jugglers, storytellers, musicians and snake charmers as well as excellent shopping and food markets.