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    Ouarzazate is known as the pearl of southern Morocco. The city is situated in the south-central, interior of the country and lies in a valley at the foot of the stark and dry Atlas Mountains. The surrounding mountains provide a spectacular backdrop in the distance. Even though there are an amazing 340 days of sunshine every year to bask in with daily temperatures unlikely to dip below 10C, even on the coldest day of the year there still is bit of snow visible clinging to the peaks. The city is remarkably cosmopolitan and still embraces the past when the weekly markets arrive in the town on Thursdays and Saturdays. The region around Ouarzazate cannot fail to inspire amaze visitors with its mix of new and old acres of paved roads weave amongst modern complexes, lots of date palms and irrigated farming.The Ouarzazate region is now one of Morocco’s most important tourist areas, with both modern, western style resorts with budget-wise hotels. The areas discount hotels are centrally located in and around town and offer easy access to all amenities so be sure to let bookings that are highly traditional with the exotic flavors of Morocco. The movie buffs will love Ouarzazate as it is the film capital of Morocco, with everything from Lawrence of Arabia to The Mountains of the Moon and Star Wars having been filmed there.