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The beautiful city of Tinerhir, Morocco is popular for its unique landscape. It is located just under the High Atlas and it is one of the best oases is southern Morocco. The area has lush palms all over. Visitors often come to explore the mountains and ranges located nearby, such as traveling through Todra gorges. These high gorges attract many visitors each year. If you are planning a visit, consider any of the discount hotels in Tinerhir, Morocco located at Todgha River runs through the area, and although it often runs dry, it is an old river, which can cut many of the gorges in the area. It helped to create the 300m high canyons located in the region as well. At the end of the river, the basin opens up into a large, green oasis. Here, gardens and palm trees are. For visitors, the only thing better than enjoying time in the oasis is to find affordable hotels in Tinerhir, Morocco.