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      One of the largest and most recognizable of all cities in Morocco, Tangier is a city that retains quite a bit of the French influence that informed the formation and development of the region. After the famous Casablanca, it is the largest industrial center in that area of the world. Attractions here are quite numerous, and include a lot of things that attest to the modern image the city is attempting to cultivate. Theres TanJazz, an annual jazz festival that tends to attract a lot of attention from around the world, and, if it should reopen its doors, the famous Toy Soldier Museum founded by Malcolm Forbes. In addition, the Festival National du Film is one of Morccos most famous cultural affairs. For those visiting Morocco who hope to find a cheap hotel, the possibility is there. However, it requires a certain touch and a certain knowledge of the region to get the best possible deal. Therefore, it pays to go with a professional such as