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    Tétouan, Morocco overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The city has beautiful beaches. It also has numerous tourist attractions, including Place Moulay el Mehdi. This area offers excellent examples of Spanish influenced architecture. Restaurants serve traditional Spanish cuisine here, too. The Archaeological Museum of Tetouan is an ideal place to visit. It features relics from Roman times and pottery from Spanish, Moroccan and Roman cultures. The Museum of Moroccan Arts is a great place to find excellent examples of Moroccan painting, carpets and musical instruments. This area is also a good place to find cheap hotels in Tétouan, Morocco.The outdoor wonder of Tétouan helps visitors to understand the culture of this Northern Moroccan city. Some enjoy a trek through the Rif Mountains while others are happy to spend their days on the beaches. Why not stay at a discount hotel in Tétouan, Morocco and experience the beauty this city has to offer