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    The Republic of Namibia is not for the faint of heart. It calls on the adventurer. Its 13 regions demand you abandon preconceived notions of ecotourism and deserts and advance on an unusual journey through the countryside. Whether your hotel in Namibia is in the capital city of Windhoek or in Walvis Bay, get out your trekking boots. Prepare to see the varied nature of two vary different deserts. Explore the Skeleton Coast or discover the marvels of Etosha Pan and the Bushveld.

    The Kalahari Desert is world-renowned. In the interior, it provides small examples of microclimates. These include the Karoo. Here, you can see over 5,000 types of plants native to the country. The Namib Desert, unlike the Kalahari, reaches for the coast. It, too, is home to the Namib Sand Sea. The Namib Desert is the Living Desert. A journey here is a must. So is a trip to the Etosha National Park and Game Reserve. Time your visit for the wet season when the Etosha Pan metamorphoses from an arid wasteland into a marsh teeming with life. If this does not impress you, why not try scuba spelunking and diving in Dragons Breath. This is the largest known underground cave. For less experienced and specialized divers, Lake Otjikoto provides a chance to see WWI underwater military armaments. The coastal waters also provide a challenge.