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    The northern portion of the Netherlands is Friesland. Here, you can find ancient earth mounds or terpen. In Friesland, there are lakes, woodlands and moorlands to explore. Go to tour one of the several islands or pay a visit to Oudkerk (Aldtsjerk). If possible, remain for at least a weekend in Oudkerk and the region. Oudkerk tourism touts the annual festival, the Doarpsfeest with its huge parade, as one reason to visit. Other Oudkerk attractions are the Heemstra State. This was once home to the aristocrat family of Sminia. There are other Oudkerk sights, including the 17th century Aldtjserk Church. If you are seeking other things to do in Oudkerk consider the nearby lakes and the hamlet of Bartlehiem when the major ice skating event, the Elfstedentocht, passes by. You can go shopping in Oudkerk or just outside of town. As for a sample of Oudkerk culture, locate the fragile wood anemone that is part of their flag.