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Gelderland is the largest province of the Netherlands. It contains several rivers including the Rhine, Maas and Waal. There are Nature Reserves in the region among them the Korenburgerveen and the Wooldseveen as well as the Hog Veluwe National Park. At Arnheim, you can locate the Netherlands Open Air Folklore Museum. There is also the Het Loo Royal Palace Museum at Apeldoorn. If you have time, spend more than a weekend in Winterswijk. There are many things to do in Winterswijk. You can go to Tricot Park or pay a visit to the former home of the great painter, Piet Modriaan and visiting his monument. Other Winterswijk sights are the Town Hall, the regional museum and the monument in the Jewish cemetery to the deported Jews. For some, Winterswijk attractions, particularly the Art Nouveau architecture, reflect Winterswijk culture. Admire the Dutch Art Nouveau aspects of this area. If you have time for it, go shopping in Winterswijk on the Market Square.