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Hotels in Brummen, Netherlands, expose vacationers to quaint village life in this countrys eastern province of Gelderland. The city of just over 20,000 residents lies on the edge of the Veluwe forest and is known for its castle, country houses and medieval charm. Vacationers will find the areas unusual landscape is ideal for strolling, cycling and horseback riding. Tours of the countryside are still given on a steam train that runs during the summers between nearby Apeldoorn and Dieren.Discount hotels in Brummen are conveniently located so holidaymakers can take in the sights, sounds and flavors of this city. While visiting Brummen, vacationers will find themselves along the river Ijssel near Engelenburg Castle. This towering structure sits on 250 acres of private forest lands and is known for its elaborate gardens and carefully manicured golf course. The castle dates to the 1500s. Other attractions in Brummen include the 14th century church, which is located in the village hall, and the nearby Eerbeek House.