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      Historisch Museum Details

      Amsterdam's Historisch Museum is an excellent sightseeing stop for visitors who are interested in the history and culture of Amsterdam. The museum offers a history lesson on how the city came from small medieval settlement to the contemporary and flourishing city it is today. Artwork, archaeological discoveries, and other facts are on display in the museum. While many of the exhibits are permanent, they are kept updated by the ever-changing temporary exhibits that occur several times throughout the year.

      A majority of the permanent exhibits are dedicated to the history and culture of Amsterdam, and even the Netherlands in general, and most of the temporary exhibits are of broader cultural value. The housing of the museum is in itself a reflection of the city's history. The main section of the museum is housed inside the old city orphanage built in the fifteenth century; the remainder of the museum is housed in an extension built in the seventeenth century and around the courtyard. Although visiting the museum is a value all in itself, visitors may find that a quick stop by the museum may provide them with plenty of options for sight-seeing and things to keep them busy during the day.

      Address: Kalverstraat 92, 1012 PH Amsterdam, Netherlands

      Phone: +31 20 523 1822