Hotels in Anne Frank House

      Anne Frank House Details

      Since 1960, the Anne Frank House has been a museum. From the first year of its opening, visitors have flocked from around the world to visit. Visiting this historical monument takes visitors back to an important time that most people know little about. Not only is the house a timeless tribute to Anne, her family, and fellow hiders, but it is a monument to all of those who suffered the perils of the Nazi regime.

      The annex of the house, the hidden area of the building which hid Anne and others for several years, is left as intact as possible. Although the furniture has been removed from the area because of the confined space and sheer volume of visitors, the posters and pictures that were posted during hiding are still on the walls. In order to actually reach the annex, visitors must pass through a bookcase which hid the door to the secret section of the house and climb several stairs. The museum also boasts the original diary under glass casing and several videos of people who knew the Franks. Some visitors complain that the house is cramped and crowded. For summer visitors, visit in the early evening, after the crowd from the day visitors has dwindled.

      Address: Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      Opened: 1960

      Phone: +31 020 556 7105

      Architect: Dirk van Delft

      Province: North Holland