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      He Hua Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Europe built in the traditional Chinese style, yet it seems small and quiet. The entrance gate is in the traditional style: a large central opening usually reserved for monks and nuns and two side entrances for laymen. The three gates symbolize the three jewels (or three refuges) of Buddhism: the Buddha, the dharma (teaching) and the sangha (monastic community). The temple cost 4.1 million euros to build, 2.7 million of which was donated by the Fo Guang Shan organization and the remainder by businessmen and other private donors. 

      The He Hua Temple, He Hua means "lotus flower," a prominent Buddhist symbol of enlightenment, was completed in 2000 and dedicated in person by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.It is located in the Nieuwmarkt area, in Chinatown just behind the Red Light District.

      Address: Zeedijk 106-118, 1012 BB Amsterdam, Netherlands

      Phone: +31 20 420 2357