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      Felix Meritis Details

      Built in 1787, Felix Meritis Amsterdam is a conference and event center. Its moniker means Happiness through Merit, and its structure is Neo- Classical as designed by Jacob Otten Husley. All sorts of events, from concert presentations to theatre and dance performances are held here throughout the year. Felix Meritis Amsterdam is the home of the European Centre for Arts and Sciences.

      Felix Meritis Amsterdam also hosts conferences, seminars, workshops, and lectures that have to do with the arts and sciences. These are held in Teeken Hall, Shaffy Hall, and Koepel or Dome Hall. Performing artists generally use the Zuilen Hall and the aptly named Concert Hall. This two hundred year old building is usually teeming with activity at all times of the year.

      Address: Keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      Phone: +31 020 626 2321

      Province: North Holland